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Joey Bada$$ (or JayOV)- The Brooklyn Kid

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A young kid out of Brooklyn, New York plans to take hip hop back to the drawing board and bring an old school soul sound to the mainstream. Joey raps with an old school sound that is accompanied by lyrical puns. Joey uses the early 90’s production techniques while rapping over simple drum lines and jazzy sounds, channeling the boom bap style made famous by DJ Premier of Gangstarr, J Dilla, Pete Rock and others. His mix tape features many reprises of some of these influences.

While rapping over laid back, funky, jazz, soul instrumentation and some scratching, but with very little flash and crash that most rappers use today, Joey’s lyrical manifestations are not over powered by the beats. His subjects mostly consist of his environment, struggle, hardship, counsel, and survival. Joey Bada$$ is like a diamond in the rough for traditional Hip hop MC lovers. His production and lyrical style resembles flows of old school artists like Lord Finesse, early Nas, Wu Tang, Big L, A Tribe Called Quest, and Mobb Deep. Joey’s strengths lie in his old school style, cold flow, word play, and knowledge of hip hop traditions. His sound is fresh and necessary for the times we are in.

While in high school, Joey joined a large hip hop group called the Progressive Era under group founders Capital and Steez and Pow. This group contained over twenty members of Joey’s friends and high school class mates. Under the leadership of this organization, Joey has picked up a large online following. In 2010, at just 15 years old,  Jonny Shipes, President of Cinematic Music Group ( Big K.r.i.t) took Joey under his wing after seeing him rapping on the world star hip hop website. Shipes set Joey up with the online TV network Creative Control TV, and they filmed the highly successful “’Survival Tactics’” video which spawned the release of Joey’s first mix tape, 1999. The mix tape received positive reviews from many respective outlets, includingSpin magazine, XXL and Pitchfork Media. This also helped spark the interest of underground rapping sensation, Mac Miller. Joey and Mac later released the song “America” on Youtube. Joey followed this up by releasing several other very successful videos as well.

Can Joey’s dreams of bringing old school hip hop’s boom bap style to the mainstream forefront come true? I feel that Joey is a very skilled MC, and there is definitely an audience for his music. I do, however, feel sorry for him in his journey towards mainstream success, because he may have to conform some of his style to some mainstream methods, but I do not believe he should conform to these methods at all (ala Jay Z). Nevertheless, not all artists have to go mainstream, but since Joey expressed interest in that avenue, this is my perspective, but anything can happen, right? From the looks of things, Joey seems to be going in the right direction already. Plus, at the tender age of 17, Joey has time in his favor. Let us know what you think. Look out for Joey’s songs. His latest two mix tapes, 1999 (2012) and most recent Rejex (2012) which was released this year.


Check out the Pro Errors website for more info on their artist and their movement. Also, check out some highlight tracks from Joey Bada$$:


Survival Tactics


Hard knock








Daily Routine


Righteous Minds




Summer Knights


Oh, Deer


World Domination


Don’t Front




Penny Royal




Mac Miller “America” ft. Joey Bada$$


Pitchfork freestyle


Waves performance on Jimmy Fallon

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